Monthly Archives: April 2018

The Cusp of Spring Migration

You can feel them coming . . . birds are moving north.  Our friends in High Island, Texas reported 23 different warblers yesterday.  Further north the mid-Atlantic hummingbird feeders are mobbed by Ruby-throated Hummers. But in Maine, we are just feeling the tip of the spear with early arrivers like Palm and Pine Warblers; a […]

Penny Lake in Boothbay

This evening after work, Ingrid and I rushed over to Penny Lake in nearby Boothbay Harbor . . . a place where we’ve had great success during spring migrations.  Its still only April 24 so its early to see a lot of warblers . . . a bit like putting up the Christmas Tree before […]

Wilson’s Snipes

On the way back from a short afternoon meeting in a nearby town, Ingrid and I stopped at the Buffalo Ranch in Bath, Maine for a little birding. The Buffalo Ranch used to  . . .  you guessed it . . . have dozens of buffalo roaming through it’s meadows.   Several years ago, the […]

Maryland Birding

My baby sister and her husband live in University Park, Maryland . . . just a few miles outside of our nation’s capital.   Their neighborhood is a beautiful suburb of lovely homes all meticulously landscaped, lots of green space and several small streams.  This combination makes for terrific backyard birding. Saturday morning we woke […]

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