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May 122017

Return of the Bobolink

May each year we head to one of our favorite Maine birding spots: Great Salt Bay in Damariscotta, to see (and hear) a remarkable display . . . the return of the Bobolink!!! Great Salt Bay is acres and acres of meadows, abutting a salt-water lake and a fresh water pond . . . an […]

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May 122017

Purple Finches

While their numbers are just a fraction of our ever present Gold Finches, there seem to be far too many Purples for just migrators. In my Grandparent’s time there were probably more Purple Finches than we see today.  In 1950 the similarly colored House Finch was introduced into New York’s Central Park and this invasive species […]

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May 72017

Return of the Warblers

A couple weeks ago, Ingrid and I traveled to High Island on the Gulf Coast of Texas to watch the annual bird migration.  The warblers moving through the Bolivar Peninsular in the spring is legendary.  Unfortunately, one can’t predict the exact date birds actually migrate and our trip was a couple weeks early.  Not that […]

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May 52017

the First Hummingbird of the Spring

We’ve had their feeders out for 6 days . . . we put them out last weekend when the migration map showed them approaching our area. First female (about 9:00) and the first male arrived about noon. We hope the Baltimore Orioles arrive tomorrow. Late in the day I got a photo of the […]

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May 32017

White-throated Sparrow Visits

Our Annual Migrating Visitor Arrives For about two weeks each Spring, White-throated Sparrows visit our feeders. On April 20, Ingrid heard the unmistakable “Sweet Sweet Canada, Canada, Canada” on a morning run. In the ensuing days we’ve seen two or three adults and juveniles hopping around under our holly and azalea bushes. If past is […]

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Apr 242017

Columbia Riverfront Park (South Carolina)

I work for a company in Columbia, South Carolina and visit every six weeks of so. At the end of a hard day (part of it spent in an airplane), I love to unwind with a little birding along the Columbia Riverfront Park. The park is a walkway that separated the Columbia Canal and Columbia […]

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Apr 222017

Fieldfare in Newcastle, Maine

Rare Birds in Our Own Backyard With its wide variety of habitat – coastal plain, mixed hardwood and coniferous forest, inland lakes and waterways – Maine attracts a wide variety of birds. Sometimes it lures rarities. This week it snagged two, both firsts for the state (Portland Press Herald). Early in the week an osprey […]

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Apr 172017

Texas Spring Migration (Birding Potpourri)

Today seemed like the day to revisit some of our previous birding sites and check out others recommended by other birders we had met on the trail. Like the population in general, not all birders are friendly. In fact, there are some who make it very clear they are not to be disturbed. But others […]

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