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Jun 62017

Great Blue Herons

I’m not the biggest fan of business travel . . . in fact I hate it.  One is cramped into small planes, cookie cutter hotels and far from loved ones.  Over the years, my job has had me on the road a lot  . . . and I’ve learned to grin and bear it.  Since […]

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Jun 12017

The End of Warbler Season

The first of June is the end of warbler season and time to look back at what we saw and what we missed. We’ll see them again when they come back through in the fall . . . but it’s not as much fun as their colors are duller and the migration is spread across […]

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May 302017

Chipping Sparrow

As May comes to an end  . . . we wanted to way, with the weather so lousy, the feeders have been very busy.  The feeder bird cam took over 8 GB of photographs over the last 3 days . . . including this shot of a Northern Cardinal at dusk: A nice returning visitor […]

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May 222017

A Day at the Feeder

A few weeks ago, Ingrid and I invested in a Birdcam, in hopes we’d catch a few rare birds on our platform feeder that we might miss while doing mundane tasks like earning a living, yard word and laundry.  We have a platform feeder on the third floor of our house outside our bedroom window and […]

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May 212017

Cedar Waxwing

Today we had the annual “cemetery meeting”, where my family discusses the up keep of a community cemetery in my mom’s hometown.  Of course on the way home we stopped at a few of our favorite spots  . . . a pasture on the family farm and pond in Dresden.  While we saw no new […]

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May 202017

Chestnut-sided Warbler

The Chestnut-sided Warbler was seen at nearby Green Point WMA, a top birding spot in nearby Dresden, Maine.  Sadly this is the first time we’ve been there because I’ve never been able to find the parking lot (yes folks, I write GPS enabled Apps . . . but can’t figure out how to use Apple […]

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May 192017

Baltimore and Orchard Orioles

With spring migration in high gear we headed to Capisic Park in Portland, Maine hoping to add to out year list. Unfortunately, we were having an unseasonable heat wave (97 degrees) and the warblers that were so prevalent in the morning, were hunkering down until the weather cooled. Still we saw a Baltimore and Orchard […]

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May 182017

Eagle Fishing for Alewifes

Each spring at several location along the Maine Coast, Alewifes . . . a small herring like fish migrate from the open ocean to fresh water ponds to spawn.  It is an incredible sight to see as millions of foot long fish move through streams and up fish ladders. Birds also find the alewife migration […]

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May 182017

Wilson’s Warbler

I took the day off from work today to get a little spring migration birding in.  Unfortunately Ingrid had to work (curse you 4th graders) so I was on my own until her little cherubs headed home on their school bus. A rare Prothonotary Warbler had been reported at nearby Butler Head in Bath, Maine and headed […]

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May 132017

The Masked Bandit is Finally Captured!

I like to photograph birds and unless I get a photo . . . I fear that I really didn’t see it what I think I saw.  While probably a quarter of the birds on my life list are on the “honor system” . . . I’m always trying to backfill those birds with photos. Anyone […]

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